Oscar Oswaldo García Ceron
2 min readDec 1, 2020

What was your idea of Teaching English at the beginning of the term?

At the beginning of the semester, my purpose was to learn the different teaching techniques and then share it either in a school or a high level, and then take a little experience and get involved in the educational field, as we all know, every day is a new learning, an important bridge is through my knowledge to help people who are interested in learning a new language and to be able to motivate them to have a new learning, to be able to detect the weaknesses that each student has and to improve it. As we all know today it is a very big challenge to be able to transmit our knowledge as future teachers, the pandemic is a problem that affected us worldwide and we were not 100% prepared, but this helps us to take on new challenges and look for new resources to be able to teach.

How have you confronted your conception of teaching English with the ideas discussed in class?

Each teacher intends to meet their goals at the end of the semester, and that each student can learn in a positive way, according to this class I can say that from the beginning of the semester it was an interactive class, the teacher allowed us to share our idea for a better learning, leaving behind a traditional class and putting a more interactive and assertive approach, showing us that there are different resources that we can implement when developing a topic, because the purpose of the teacher is for the student to learn and master the language.

How do you really conceive an English class?

The English language is very practical to learn, it all depends on how the methodology of each teacher used, it must be taken into account that in a traditional class only the teacher is the one who participates, and when it is an interactive class everyone is learning that I want to emphasize with this, the way to learn a new language is to interact, that the student participates in this way, students is practicing and sharing his ideas, what the teacher seeks is that the student can communicate and see what his weaknesses and strengths are, that will allow the teacher can improve the weaknesses of each student.

What would you recommend to English teachers at UTEC, public schools, and private schools?

As I mentioned before “it is never too late to learn something new”, the pandemic did not worsen the student environment, if we see it in a positive way, it improved the way of teaching and learning, in the way that many teachers did not have much knowledge of technology and this was like learning in an interactive and more updated way with the student because many of them did not know how to enter the platform or virtual classrooms and that is how they learned in an egalitarian way. The point is that we need to be on the vanguard of new things that can aid learning and be prepared for every emergency that occurs.